Help is here.

We are just a phone call away.


Hudson S.P.E.A.K.S provides free and confidential services such as:


24- hour
sexual violence
bilingual Helpline
201- 795-5757.


24- hour
accompaniments to
hospitals, courts and law
enforcement agencies


Counseling for individuals
and support groups
for survivors and their
significant others.


Community Education: Media Literacy, Gender Equality and Healthy Relationships.


Recruitment and training
of confidential sexual
violence advocates who
work with survivors and
their families.


A full range of culturally
sensitive, language-specific
support, including outreach
and direct services for Hispanics and South Asian women.

  • Our 24-Hour Helpline
    We provide support, professional services and referrals to our most trusted and reputable networks.

    Anyone who has questions about sexual violence can call us—not just survivors. Your questions can be about recent problems or something that happened long ago.

  • Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)
    We will be there to support you when or where ever in Hudson County you need our service(s).

    This service is available every day to individuals who have experienced a sexual assault within the last 5 days. Our Confidential Sexual Violence Advocates respond to the hospital (Christ Hospital or Hoboken Medical Center) and support survivors during this difficult time.

  • Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate (CSVA)
    A person who responds and understands.

    These are compassionate and trusting individuals  who received special training. They are available 24-hours, and are ready to listen, support and provide helpful resources. A CSVA person provides non-judgmental support and options in the form of crisis intervention via a 24-hour hotline and/or medical and legal accompaniments.

  • Support Group
    For healing, learning and growing.

    Hudson SPEAKS offers free and confidential support group for individuals who have experienced sexual assault. The groups aim to build on the understanding of sexual violence and runs for up to ten weeks by trained facilitators. During this period, the goal is for participants to gain knowledge about safety, coping skills and how to use them, and identify characteristics of healthy relationships with self and others.

  • Training for CSVA Volunteers
    Providing tools to comfort, educate and empower.

    We offer a free 40-hour Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate (CSVA) training to individuals who are interested in becoming volunteer advocates with Hudson SPEAKS. This training gives individuals the knowledge and tools to provide direct services through:

    • Helpline counseling to survivors of sexual assault and their significant others
    • In-person accompaniments to hospitals, courts and law enforcement agencies


    Be a CSVA Volunteer

    Advocates comfort and provide important information to help survivors regain control of their lives. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer CSVA and have the willingness to learn, we welcome you to contact the Crisis Response Coordinator, Beatriz Villatoro at 201-795-8375 ex.5269 or

  • Case Management
    Listening, informing and assisting

    Case managers act as a liaison between individuals and community agencies that offer assistance. It starts with a needs assessment of an individual’s situation before establishing the best way of providing assistance. Hudson SPEAKS advocates for individuals who have experienced any form of sexual violence to get assistance from relevant service providers. Through case management services, we are able to help individuals access services such as housing, public assistance, health insurance and more. A case worker also provides accompaniments to police precincts, court, medical appointments, interviews with Special Victims Unit and other emergency services.