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About the project

Bolo Behen (“Speak Sister”) is an initiative of Hudson SPEAKS offering free services for South Asian women in Hudson County who are experiencing domestic and sexual violence. Our mission is to create a safe space with a full range of culturally sensitive and language-specific information, support services and advocacy.

We strive to create dialogue throughout Hudson County by reaching out to a wide variety of groups, organizations and individuals. By sharing and learning from one another, we believe.

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  • Community Chai
    Starting a community dialogue on issues of violence

    There is a growing South Asian community in Hudson County. Within it, many women face enormous challenges, such as domestic violence, sexual violence, legal and immigration issues, language barriers, job and health related concerns. Community Chai is the platform where women can come and express their problems and concerns fearlessly, openly and comfortably. People listen to each other’s story and offer support.

  • Personal services: case management
    A holistic approach to a woman’s needs

    South Asian women face distinct cultural challenges when confronting domestic and sexual violence in the home. Most have little or no knowledge of English, since it is not their native language. This plays a pivotal role in creating socio-cultural barriers. South Asian women who become victims of domestic and sexual violence live within the confines of these barriers. They remain silent or unaware of the assistance they could have from the outside world.

    We provide case management services to empower clients. Women learn about their rights, available resources and how to use these resources to make positive decisions and be independent for themselves and their children.

    Our services are based on a holistic approach that addresses the large range of clients’ needs. Using culturally and linguistically appropriate methods, we build trust with clients and create an environment where South Asian women feel safe, respected and understood.

    Free and confidential services include:

    • Crisis intervention
    • Safety assessment and planning
    • Advocacy
    • Assistance with housing and shelter
    • Legal advocacy and referral to resources
    • Access to public benefits and financial literacy
    • Counseling and emotional support for survivors.
    • Medical/healthcare advocacy
  • Outreach

    Faith-based and community leaders are invited to work together with us to create awareness and support for the services that Bolo Behen provides. It’s a chance for leaders to:

    • Gain knowledge for recognizing abuse
    • Build skills for responding effectively and safely
    • Know where to refer people for help, such as to Bolo Behen
  • Faith institutions

    As sanctuaries of trust and safety, faith communities can greatly impact the health of their members and the broader community. It’s why we strive to help identify and eliminate barriers that prevent faith-based organizations from speaking out against domestic and sexual violence.

    Bolo Behen works with different faith-based leaders throughout Hudson County. From Jersey City to Secaucus and Weehawken, we have collaborated with leaders of temples, mosques, Islamic centers, Gurudwaras and beyond. We welcome the chance to speak with you.

  • Community and educational organizations

    Bolo Behen actively seeks to new partnerships and allies within the Hudson County community. This helps us build a good referral system and resources for our clients. And it helps advance the mission of a violence-free society—and healthier New Jersey for all who live here.

    Please contact us about:

    • Educating the community about domestic and sexual violence
    • The bilingual and culturally competent services Bolo Behen provides
    • Cultural sensitivity trainings
    • Teen dating violence workshop for South Asian youth

    Together, we can make a difference.

24-hour Helpline:

Free and confidential services offered in Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu

179 Palisade Ave, Jersey City across from CarePoint Health Christ Hospital

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Together, we can make a difference.